ASB Biodiesel


While pursuing better lifestyle for our needs and expectations, we could reduce pollutants and waste to release the environment pressure and protect for those resources we have.

5R Cycle

Unlike other renewable energy that limited by regions and time, our biodiesel could be used in most diesel engines as long as there is used cooking oil. From reduce to reproduce, we have reached the whole lifecycle:  Reduce, Recycle, Reuse, Repurpoese and Replace that can build up the Corporate Environmental Image.

Global Warming and Air Pollution

The past 20 years, different biodiesel reports indicate that biodiesel has significantly low carbon dioxide and air pollutants compared to tradition fossil fuels that can help slow down global warming The US Environmental Protection Authority had compared two emission in research and found out that the usage of B100 (100% Biodiesl) can reduce the multiple pollutants in atmosphere. To be concluded, Biodiesel saved 78-94% Carbon Dioxide Emission into the atmosphere compared to fusel fuel.

Our Social Responsibility

Our company has great concern about environmental education, we often hold different seminar for emission saving and promote green energy to the public. We also encourage our staffs to join and support different environment protection activities hold by both local and international organization. Not just reducing the waste and emission, ASB Biodiesel wants to help Hong Kong to solve environmental pollution problem. August 2017, a palm oil vessel spilled 9000 tonnes in Hong Kong water and 11 beaches were closed due to the incident. ASB Biodiesel assisted and recycled 200 metric tons of palm oil to turn waste into Biodiesel.

Environmental Award