ASB Biodiesel

Blended Biodiesel (B5-B30)

What is Biodiesel B5?

Biodiesel is a renewable fuel produced from wasted cooking oil, animal fat and other oils through different chemical reactions.

B5 refers to 5% biodiesel mixed with 95% diesel.
B20 refers to 20% biodiesel mixed with 80% diesel.

Why should we switch from diesel to Biodiesel B5?

Global warming and air pollution are becoming increasingly severe. Switching to renewable energy is a global trend. Governments around the world have policies governing the use of biodiesel.

The Hong Kong SAR Government has mandated most tendered public works projects and public housing projects to use biodiesel in their construction machinery, such as air compressors, generators, excavators, crawler cranes, crane trucks, and road rollers. 

Please act swiftly to be an environmentally friendly company.

Why should you choose ASB?​

Six reasons to choose to cooperate with ASB:

The plant operates 24 hours per day, 7 days per week

The goods can be picked up at any time and delivered to the destination, which provides great time flexibility and efficiency of logistics;

The supply is sufficient and stable

ASB Biodiesel is the largest biodiesel plant in Hong Kong*, with a monthly output of 6,000 tons of biodiesel B100, and 120,000 tons of B5 can be blended monthly for consumption in the Hong Kong market.

ASB Biodiesel has a rigorous sustainable development system

We meet the sustainable development requirements of Hong Kong, the European Union, and the United States. We have obtained the European ISCC (International Sustainability of Carbon Certificate) of the Environmental Protection Agency and the California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard (California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard) certification.

ASB Biodiesel has professional technology and operation team.

Standardized shipment procedures and inspection operation standards.

ASB Biodiesel possesses its own international jetty

ASB Biodiesel possesses its own international jetty, which could provide more flexible logistics and transportation services.

Enquiries and quotation please contact:

Tel: (852) 3183 4366 / (852) 3183 4318


*Calculated by monthly average production