ASB Biodiesel


ASB Biodiesel designed and equipped with high technology facilities together with environmental protection equipment.

We adopted BioDiesel International (BDI), which has long history of technical equipment. BDI is a company provide technical support to development and application of transferring waste into energy. More than 20 biodiesel factories in Europe and US have been using the same technology.

The design of BDI’s technology has been proved by the world that provide high efficiency in production process (turning the free fatty acid oil into Biodiesel and three side-product: Glycerine, oil and bio-heating oil). With the yield rate is over 95%, our products are safer and remain high quality.

How BIODIESEL is produced?

Comparison between Fossil diesel and Biodiesel

84% GHG emission saving to the fossil fuel comparator

Replacing diesel fuel with 1 metric ton of ASB biodiesel, could help to reduce 3.2 metric tons of the carbon emission (volume equal around 13 double decker buses)


  • ASB Biodiesel’s GHG emission in the supply chain (Recognized by the European Commission – International Sustainability and Carbon Certification)
  • *Total emissions from the fossil fuel comparator 94 gCO2eq/MJ *Not included the fuel in use


Environmental Friendly


As a sustainable factory, we recycle chemicals that we must use in the process. At least 1.5 times of Methanol usage is reduced during our recycling.


The waste water produced in the process will be collected and treated in our own waste water treatment plant and reuse in our production process. The remaining will be treated in our own drainage system to be process, make sure the discharged water fulfils HK Environmental Protection Department’s Law and Regulation: Standards for effluents Discharged into Drainage and Sewerage Systems, Inland and Coastal Waters.


Our production is conducted in enclosed environment, the smell and exhaust gas are clean by the ventilation and air sterilization system before releasing to the air. To reduce odour nuisance and air pollution.