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Green Innovation, Waste To Energy

Enterprises that pursues sustainability always look for more green opportunities. ASB Biodiesel, a green energy which is 100% produced by waste oil that can reduce and provide new source of energy. Our factory located in Tseung Kwan O Industrial Estate that can process 250 metric tons of waste oil and produce 230 metric tons of renewable energy. Biodiesel can used in most diesel engine. From reduce waste to reproduce energy, ASB fulfilled the whole 4R cycle, from reduce, recycle, reuse, replace. To help establish corporate sustainable image, reduce waste, reduce CO2 emission and save energy. Our company subsidiary, ASB Chun Yip have recycled over 50% used cooking oil in Hong Kong. Not only reduce the landfill pressure but also prevent used cooking oil re-enter to our food chain. HK government and InvestHK invited foreign investors into Biodiesel Industry in 2000. Al Salam Bank was invited to participated in the 3000 project of InvestHK and built ASB Biodiesel in Hong Kong. HK now have the ability and the technology to recycle all local used cooking oil and turn into Biodiesel, a sustainable energy. To be self-sufficiency and self-contained in Hong Kong!

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